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Tarot for the Soul

Tarot is a wonderful tool for accessing our intuition and inner wisdom to gain insight into our day-to-day lives.

A tarot reading can also be helpful in uncovering subconscious limiting beliefs and blocks that stop us achieving our goals and that have us repeat unhelpful patterns of thinking and feeling. With this knowledge we can make positive changes that will alter our path and transform the future.

But the wisdom of tarot can also be used for much more. It can act as a mirror that reflects the story of our life at a more profound level. This enables us to explore the deeper meanings or soul lessons beneath the events that really impact us, leading us to discover our true life purpose. It can also help us identify the things that make our hearts sing, helping us to discover the truths we have forgotten about ourselves.

This knowledge empowers us to live with authentic happiness and fulfilment, meeting challenges with equanimity and grace knowing how our higher purpose is being served by the ups and downs of ordinary life.

When we are fully connected to our soul, life is drenched in meaning and we come to remember ourselves as enchanted beings in a wholly loving Universe.