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The Chariot

Traditional Meanings

Keywords: Triumph, success, mastery, control, will, self-control, self-discipline, overcoming obstacles, fame, journeys, moving forward

The Chariot represents successfully controlling a situation through the power of your personality and ego. This is the card of confidence and optimism and shows you have faith in your own abilities and you are able to make progress with any situation you face right now. It is also the card of victory, you win because you have the necessary resources the willpower and self-discipline to succeed and are able to harness all your forces towards your purpose. Or perhaps it shows that you need to do this. You may be setting forth on a journey of some sort particularly one of self-development or a literal long distance journey. You will have the opportunity to assume some responsibility or power in your field of expertise and you will gain recognition, perhaps even fame. 

It can also indicate that you have had to develop strong ‘armour’ to protect yourself from taking on other people’s emotions as you are extremely receptive and sensitive to the emotional environment around you. This is the card of the ’empath’ who needs to put on the ‘mask’ of detachment. Now is the time to use protection techniques to support you as you develop further.

Reversed: This shows an attempt to egotistically control situations or people. Riding roughshod over others to get your own way. There could be emotional problems caused by defensive behaviour, weak boundaries and unconscious patterns. It can also mean that your energy field is too open and you are being ‘invaded’ by other people’s emotional and psychic energy. 

Soul Guidance

 The Chariot signifies that we have come victoriously through life’s battles and that the Soul has emerged as the triumphant charioteer (driver) in our lives. This means that we are able to express our authentic self and use will power to balance the dualities of life (male/female; conscious/subconscious;  inner world/outer world; etc.). These dualities manifest in our day-to-day world where ever there are two opposing viewpoints or judgements. The ability to see both sides of the argument and balance the two is a sign of personal maturity. This balancing is done as an act of will – the conscious willingness to hold two opposing forces in check so together they can drive things forward, rather than being pulled off balance by one or other.  

 The Chariot also represents the development of the personality, the outer mask that we show the world, also known as the persona. This is our identity in the world and is the outer shell we develop to hide our insecurities and vulnerabilities so that no one will see our imperfections. It is fundamentally the card of control. Controlling both our internal base instincts, desires and thoughts as well as seeking to control how we are seen in the outside world. The ability to do this shows self-mastery and focused will. But be aware of this can become an egocentric desire to dominate others. This is the fine balance represented by this card. The Soul lesson is to develop the willpower and awareness to keep the balance. 

In a reading The Chariot shows that a heroic struggle may have taken place between opposing forces, both internal and external, and that victory has come through strength of character, perseverance and faith. You have come through a ‘dark night of the Soul’. 

You have learnt many Soul lessons especially about the limitation of thoughts and beliefs and also emotional imbalance. You have released the past and a catharsis has occurred. A new cycle is also beginning, where you can reclaim your authentic self. The next part of your Soul journey is beginning. 

Now is the time to speak from your own experience to enlighten other people. 

Soul Prompts

  • What are your past and present accomplishments?
  • How do you feel when you speak from your own experience and expertise when you have something of value and meaning to share?
  • How do you ensure you protect your mind, your feelings and your body?
  • What persona (mask) are you showing the world?
  • What tensions and contradictions are currently in your life that you are struggling to control?
  • What do you need to do to move forward and claim more of your authentic self?

Soul Message

 Now is the time to help enlighten others by sharing from your experience and expertise. Doing so will help you move to the next level of your Soul’s journey.