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The Lovers

Traditional Meanings

Keywords: Love, fulfilment, union, choice, surrender, partnership, bonding, marriage, soul mates, coming together of opposites.

The Lovers card represents love and choice. Adam and Eve are being watched over by the Archangel Raphael who the healing angel. It affirms that love is what makes the world go round and represents love in all its myriad of forms including lust, sexual union and relationships. 

Another aspects is choice. Choosing between the old and new, between security and risk, between something respectable but dull and something exciting but perhaps a bit morally dubious. In the act of choosing you take responsibility for your own actions. These kinds of choices need your conscious and subconscious minds to be in balance. Freedom from guilt, bondage or conditioning.

This card represents the destiny that most people seek: to be loved, admired, worshipped, cared for, nurtured and accepted by someone we both love and also lust after in an exclusive relationship. It’s hidden message is that this destiny is also a matter of choice and choosing. Choosing the Beloved just the way they are (and are not) is the meaning of love and acceptance and is the essence of a strong and lasting relationship.

Soul Guidance

The Lovers represents the deep and powerful energy of love and attraction, forces which literally do make the world go round. Gravity is the primary attractive force in the Cosmos and keeps the stars and the planets in their place. It could be said that gravity is the external expression of the profound spiritual force of love. Pondering on this will bring new insights.

‘Kything’, the mystical Art of Spiritual Presence is also represented by this card. Kything is an old Scottish word meaning being wholly present to another at the spiritual level. Its purpose is to bring about a loving spiritual connection, union or communion between people without speaking. It is a way of generating ‘Oneness’ and melting into ‘The One’.  It requires complete honesty, authenticity and openness; pretence and disguising thoughts and intentions blocks its operation. Its practice brings the ability to see into the spiritual realms, hence why Eve is looking up at the Angel Raphael in the card.

When this card appears in a reading it represents a union with the beloved and a happy relationship. Falling in love is one of life’s great mysteries, and when The Lovers appear you are being offered the opportunity to know yourself and grow through the reflection of a ‘significant other’. The Law of Attraction is at work and you have attracted someone who will provide a balance and the power and spirit of love will enhance and evolve your life. 

A balance of togetherness and independence is also indicated. It counsels that for a relationship to survive and thrive, this healthy balance is required. This card also indicates the creation and nurturing of a wide range of positive relationships, not just with ‘the one’. 

Love is also the primary healing force. Now is a good time to receive healing or learn how to heal. Healing any rifts between your conscious and subconscious minds will also be successful. 

Choice  and choosing is also indicated by this card. Deep and lasting relationships require you to continuously choose love. Romantic fantasies of literature and Hollywood always end with ‘happy ever after’ as if love and the beloved are fixed objects, that once found will last forever. This card points to the profound mystery that love is an ongoing choice in all situations with all living beings.  Love is a powerful choice of will that is available even when you don’t ‘feel’ it. Waiting for the overwhelming feeling before you express it puts your life at the mercy of whim and fluctuating emotions. Allowing love to flow freely through your heart is the greatest source of healing at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

Reversed: Refusing to make a choice or making poor choices. A relationship can be impacted by others or from inner conflicts and poor communication makes the situation worse. It also denotes a disconnection from nature and life and the inability to acknowledge feelings resulting in a lack of intimacy and and loneliness.

Soul Prompts

  • Do you choose self-love and self-worth over someone else’s needs and issues?
  • How do the situations and people you attract into your life reflect your internal relationship with your heart, mind and Soul?
  • Do you choose what is right for you with guidance from your Soul/Higher Self?
  • How do I nourish the relationship with the Higher Power as I understand it/her/him?
  • How do the relationships you are in mirror your own sense of self-worth?
  • What do you need to combine, synthesise or bring together?

Soul Message

In every moment love is an available choice. Choose it.