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The Magician

Traditional Meanings

Keywords: Initiation, will power, commitment, focus, concentration, attention, cunning, cleverness, skill, manifestation.

The Magician represents dynamic and creative energy and is the channel that manifests ideas into reality. When this card appears in a reading it shows that you have the power to make decisions and act. You are able to be a bridge between the inner and outer world and bring heaven down to earth. He denotes active will and the ability to concentrate and to manifest ‘something from nothing’.  It is not a card of action ‘per se’ but denotes the force behind the action. 

When this card appears in a reading it shows decisions, the starting of activities, and the confidence and will to act decisively and to use all the resources at hand. It is advising you to be confident, make decisions and take action and stop procrastinating. Everyone has the ability to channel energy in this way, and now is not the time to hang back.

Soul Guidance

The Magician shows that humans are the mediators between the Heavens (Cosmos) and Earth (Nature). Only humans have the self-conscious mind giving the capacity of self-awareness, creativity, choice and the ability to participate in their own conscious evolution. The profound message of this card is ‘where attention goes, grows.’ i.e. where you put your focus and energy will become your life. He denotes imaginative ideas, initiative, invention, genius and entrepreneurship.

This is the ultimate creative principle, you are your creations and the centre of your Universe. There is great power in having a conscious mind and ego that creates your reality. They need to be used wisely for the greatest good of all concerned. In manifesting your desires make sure that you cultivate the purest and most ideal form of your desire and then plant the seed. If you have an open heart (Cups), the will and intention to do good and fortitude (Wands), a balanced and clear mind and take action (Swords) and a disciplined body that works productively towards the aspiration (Pentacles) then the desire will manifest and flourish. This is not the realm of ‘magical thinking’ where you wave a magic wand and things miraculously appear. The Magician is about carefully managing the energy of your creative mind towards what you really want. Make no mistake, this creative power is at work at all times and manifests the negative as well as the positive. The Magician is the ultimate card of taking responsibility for yourself and your life.

Reversed: This shows you are spending too much time alone in your head in a monologue with yourself, which is a form of escapism and you are avoiding living, making choices and engaging in productive work. It can also mean that there is trickery afoot, manipulation and an untrustworthy situation possibly arising out of a lack of responsibility. 

Soul Prompts

  • Where are you currently focusing your imagination and attention? Are you consciously aware of this?
  • What are your true intentions?
  • Are your objectives clear?
  • What do you really really want to accomplish?
  • Do your actions mirror your intentions?
  • What skills and abilities are needed?

Soul Message

You have divine power and are manifesting your reality through your attention and will. What you see ‘out there’ is a reflection of what is ‘in here’. Thoughts become things. Use the power wisely.