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The High Priestess

Traditional Meanings

Keywords: Intuition, imagination, dreams, create spark or inspiration, inner knowing, psychic or mediumistic abilities, esoteric knowledge.

The High Priestess represents the subconscious mind symbolised by the waters behind the veil. The subconscious mind is the gateway to the Cosmos, and the scroll that she holds denotes memory, knowledge of the mysteries and the Akasha, the compendium of all knowledge and history. She brings new understanding to situations through the act of listening rather than acting. She is receptive, passive and uncovers or reveals as opposed to taking action. 

In a reading this card advises reflection, and going within as there may be something in your memory that you need to look at. She can denote something hidden, a secret or a mystery. She also is the card of seeking guidance and counsel, especially from a woman. She signifies the type of thinking that weighs up pros and cons, comparing and contrasting options. She brings stillness and depth and counsels being open to dreams, intuitions and time as cycles (moon phases, seasons, the wheel of the year) rather than as the measured linear time of clocks. 


Soul Guidance

The High Priestess is the sovereign of the Soul and is the guardian of the sacred knowledge held within it. Prudence, one of the original four virtues (the others being Temperance, Fortitude and Justice), has been associated with her. In the ancient mystery schools of the Hebrews and Greeks, prudence denoted the depth of intuition that enabled the gift of prophecy, clairvoyance and seership. Denoting the sacred feminine she offers the experience of miracles, mysteries and rapture. Be open to the possibility of these at this time.

In a reading the High Priestess shows a deepening of your spiritual awareness and practice and guides you to treat yourself and your life experiences as sacred, holding within them profound wisdom which the Soul will reveal when the timing is right. Nurture awareness of your sacred self. She also represents dignity and purity of heart, mind and action and counsels that you hold to your ideals and principles and honour them. This personal integrity is the source of inner peace and serenity. 

Reversed: Not treating yourself as sacred. Intentions that are not in integrity or true to your highest good. An inability to understand your Soul and the potential that it offers. You don’t know what your personal truth is at this time. 

Soul Prompts

  • How can you be true to yourself in this matter?
  • What aspects and circumstances are hidden from you at the moment?
  • Is this good or bad for your Soul?
  • What is hidden in your subconscious that needs to be brought to conscious awareness?
  • What do you need to remember or discover?
  • What are you concealing?

Soul Message

Treat yourself as sacred by honouring your intuition and life experiences as containing profound wisdom which the Soul will reveal at the right time. Stick to your principles and this personal integrity will bring inner peace.