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The Fool

Traditional Meanings

Keywords: Innocence, freedom, beginnings, leap of faith, potential, trust, play, openess, courage, optimism

The Fool is numbered zero, which represents the space before manifestation, the ‘cosmic egg’. He is in a pre-ego state, the nothing that comes before conscious will and manifestation. The state has been likened to a baby before they reach the age of two, where everything is undifferentiated and imbued with wonder.

He denotes a brand new beginning, a new phase of life. He is free-spirited and carefree and acts on impulse without a care in the world. He can also represent the longing to be free from it all, from lifes responsibilities, burdens and roles. His approach to life is one of innocence – not making judgements about anyone or anything. This can also manifest as a lack of inhibitions and behaviour that others find embarassing or challenging. 

Expect the unexpected with this card, and others may think the choices you are making are foolish. There is no sense of worry or fear which comes of living in the moment, totally present to Now. This leads to confidence and optimism “what could possibly go wrong?” You trust your innate Divinity and trust in the ultimate goodness of life and this brings wisdom.

Soul Guidance

The Fool is stepping out of the cosmos and into material reality because he wants to be known. He represents the divine light within all human beings which resides in the Soul, our greatest treasure. The Soul can be experienced right here, right now, we need only look within our hearts.

When The Fool appears in a reading your Soul is telling you that a new phase of Soul development is beginning. It is a happy and auspicious time. It can be a journey within to reclaim your Soul or a journey without to manifest your Soul’s potential. New or enhanced positive character strengths such as self-confidence, courage, faith, dedication or self-esteem emerge and focus on these will bring joy and fulfilment. Now is the time to trust in the Universe with all your heart knowing that anything is possible.

The Fool also brings authenticity. Being yourself above all things will intensify the divine spark within. Look for opportunities and choices that support you in who you know yourself to be. Now is the time to step out and have the courage of your convictions. Any step that you take in the direction of your authentic joy will yield great results. Be open to new adventures and allow yourself to find your own unique self-expression and life path. You Soul purpose manifests through active enquiry and action. If you face choices ask ‘Would the Universe want this for me?’, if the answer is ‘yes’, then go for it. Step off the cliff!

Reveresed: This is a STOP sign. Do not proceed. There is a danger of not looking before you leap and you may be surging ahead without really knowing or understanding your authentic desires and needs. You may well be confused and lack clarity. You may have difficulty in trusting your intuition which is guiding you towards your true and authentic self. You need to do more Soul-searching.


Soul Prompts

  • What are you on the edge of? The brink of? Are there opportunities and actions available that will enable you to discover something about your potential?
  • If you look deep inside, what will you discover?
  • What are you feeling foolish about?
  • How do you feel about taking a leap of faith?
  • In taking on something new are you about to repeat an old past pattern?
  • What would be fun to do if you could do anything?
  • Who are you?

Soul Message

If you can truly let go of all thoughts of the past and hopes for the future, you will become present to hitherto unimaginable possibilities opening up for you. Take the leap of faith.