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The Empress

Traditional Meanings

Keywords: Motherhood, Fertility, Abundance, Birth, Passion, Creativity, Sensuality, Nurturing, Beauty, Happiness, Healing

The Empress represents a state of being rather than doing. It is a happy card and represents all aspects of fertility, creativity and abundance. Births of all sorts are indicated, new ideas, relationships and projects as well as children. Applied compassion, nurturing and caring are indicated which refers as much to a new business, taking in a stray as to caring and nurturing family and friends. It also represents the personal qualities of compassion, consideration, grace, inner and outer beauty. A happy home life and a time of deep peace. She also heralds creativity, free thought and full self-expression, providing the environment where all things grow and flourish. 

In a reading she indicates that your environment is fertile and abundant – even though you might not see it. Now is the time to focus on and be grateful for the rich array of resources that you have and to focus on the beauty in all things.


Soul Guidance

The Empress represents the power of unconditional love which is very powerful and healing. It is the card that calls you to love yourself and to nurture harmony in all areas of your life. The heart is the seat of the Soul and by opening your heart and giving yourself loving self-acceptance, the birth of astonishing new possibilities and circumstances arise.

Now is the time to nurture your self-esteem and focus on how deserving you are of all good things. Be confident about expressing your self-love and allow creative ideas to flow. You deserve to thrive and prosper and if you allow this idea to take root your abundance will flourish. You also have the ability and capacity to create beauty in all its forms. 

The Empress bridges the subconscious and conscious mind and her energy brings harmony with constructive, creative, imaginative and loving ways to nurture yourself and others. Tune into these qualities within yourself. 

Reversed: A desire, hope or dream is withering because it is in an a hostile, toxic or unconduvice environment. These are infertile conditions and it is an unhappy time. An inability to love yourself. 

Soul Prompts

  • What are you creating with your creative imagination and thoughts?
  • What are you giving life-force to?
  • What aspects of your life do you need to nurture?
  • What do you believe? And are you aware of conceiving what you believe?
  • Are you tending ‘the green garden of your Soul?’
  • Are you open to the flow of abundance and love in your life?
  • What creative projects are you growing and nurturing?
  • What does the word ‘flourishing’ mean to you?

Soul Message

Offer yourself the gift of self-love and open your heart to self-acceptance. Nurture your self-esteem and focus on deserving all good things.