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A Soul tarot reading may be a little different to readings you’ve had before and they require two-way participation beyond what normally happens in an ‘ordinary’ tarot reading. Here is an explanation of what to expect.

At the outset we invite our Souls to the reading and ask them to participate with us.  There are no weird rituals or strange ceremonies. Just a simple invitation that sets the intention for the reading. There have been whole books written on the power of intention and the difference it makes to the quality of any activity*!

We then chat about the problems or issues that you would like to focus on and I lay the cards out and the reading begins. There will usually be a ‘diagnosis’ phase and then perhaps snippets of information about the past or future will emerge. We will have a conversation about what the information means to you and I will ask questions and use your answers to dig deeper.

At various times I will ask you to engage with your intuition and imagination (these are the channels that our Souls use) and guide you to make a connection with your Soul. There are no fireworks, gongs or blinding lights, simply a gentle sense of knowing a bit more than usual, or a feeling of rightness or an insight that suddenly makes sense of it all or an urge to take an action that wasn’t there before. It all feels like an ordinary conversation that has simply opened up a new space, a new bit of territory to explore.

At the end we remember to thank our Souls and bring gratitude for our time together.

Afterwards people report a range of different feelings. Some feel peaceful and others really excited. Occasionally people say that the issue they brought to the reading has simply disappeared. When they go ‘looking’ for it, all the emotional charge has gone and they simply can’t be bothered to think about it anymore. Even all the upset and emotion around a ‘tough’ issue like a partner leaving has been known to vanish! One of the great things about Soul is it doesn’t do drama. Once the lesson has been recognised and acknowledged, it’s time to move on. Just like that!

* Dyer, Wayne W. “The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way” Hay House Inc. 2010