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Do you have a sense of longing for something that you can’t quite put your finger on? Do you feel like you’re not reaching your full potential, or that you’re going over the same old ground in your relationships, career, finances or health and not progressing how you’d like? Or perhaps you just know that there’s something better waiting for you, but it’s hidden just out of view. Or perhaps you are dealing with very difficult circumstances and feel confused, lost or worn out.

When these kinds of feelings arise it can be a call from our soul to tune in and take stock.

A Wise Soul tarot reading opens a portal for our Souls to speak directly to us, enabling us to tune into the energies and unconscious messages that are being reflected in the outward circumstances of our lives. We are guided to look beneath the surface of the ‘tough stuff’ to the opportunities and possibilities that lie beneath. Our soul is always lovingly guiding us towards our highest happiness, it’s just that sometimes we can’t see it.

Imagine how much more fun and fulfilling life can be if you are in touch with your life’s true purpose and that somehow, it all just makes sense – even the ‘bad’ bits? This is what soul work offers.

Are you willing to give it a try?



Self-love is all about knowing your soul and having a deeply intimate relationship with Her (or Him!). Connecting and paying attention to your soul, like you would your dearest friend and lover brings a feeling of ‘coming home’ to yourself and to your Divine place in the Universe. Suddenly amazing life synchronicities start to occur, helpful and practical answers to problems ‘come through’ in all sorts of different ways and you begin to feel that at last you can truly be yourself, free from the limitations of the past.

Tarot reading (and all forms of divination) provide a wonderful opportunity to create, nourish and grow our connection with our soul if approached ‘soulfully’. Reaching beyond traditional fortune telling, a Wise Soul tarot reading invites soul to participate with us in the reading helping us see what is currently hidden from view – those patterns and negative stories that are impacting our lives. Intuitions, flashes of insight and transformations that ‘disappear’ the problem can occur as well as suddenly becoming present to new opportunities that simply weren’t there before. 

Our soul is always watching and waiting to guide us back to our true Divine Self. And when we live from an ongoing connection to our soul we can powerfully serve the planet in our own unique way, fully realising our purpose and our mission.


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